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International Community Montessori School(ICMS) won the 2021 AFRICA AI AND ROBOTICS(AARC) competition held at Accra in Ghana. Both CourtBot and Soccer competition.
Mfantsiman Girls' Senior High School won the 2021 AFRICA AI AND ROBOTICS(AARC) competition held at Accra in Ghana. (The Smart Factory Challenge)

The best innovative project award

The best preschooler’s in robotics(Victoria Hill International school)


First Step in AI Education

UKit is programmable building block kit which allows students to easily access the coding world with its APP dynamic instruction and hundreds of parts which can be combined into many different models.

Meet the new Walker X

Walker X is the latest version of our groundbreaking bipedal humanoid robot. Walker X has significant improvements in physical performance, autonomous intelligence, and human to robot interactions. Equipped with both hardware and artificial intelligence upgrades combined with the updated ability to adapt to complex environments, Walker X is more advanced than ever.

Teaching Assistant

AlphaMini can deploy customized teaching activities on either a one-to-one basis or in small groups. He can help educators to teach core subjects including reading, writing, math, English…as well as a wide range of fields linked to robotics such as mechanics, motion control and computer science.

Preparing for career development

Yanshee is an ideal educational robot designed to provide the ultimate open-source platform for educators and students to learn, experiment, research, and engage with.

Enlighten | Empower | Excel

CKBS Innogate makes learning a playful experience by enlightening young minds about new-age tech while empowering them with 21st century skills so that they can excel in a tech-ruled future!

Educational STEM Kits

Make countless robots and fascinating DIY projects with our intuitive and affordable STEM learning kits for kids and beginners packed with more features than the age-old brands in the market.

The Ultimate STEM Learning Platform

Explore a whole new level of project-making and problem-solving with cutting-edge technology and well-rounded STEM learning resources.

Augmented Graphical Programming

Learn coding, artificial intelligence, machine learning, program actions for robots, make interactive games and and do much more with PictoBlox, a Scratch blocks based coding platform with enhanced hardware-interaction capabilities.

Smarter-than-the-Phone App

Wirelessly control robots, voice command home appliances, exploit your Smartphone’s inbuilt sensors, and interact with your creations in tons of other ways with Dabble - one app for infinite control. And it’s free!

The STEM Safari A Journey Through the STEM World

Uncover the ‘hows’ & ‘whys’ of electronics, programming, robotics & other STEM education fields on the STEM Safari – premium online courses providing limitless hands-on exploration, creativity & innovativeness via engaging videos, textual instructions, quizzes & assessments.

Endless Making Possibilities


DIY Projects

Electronic Circuits

Everyday Fun

DIY Projects

Scratch Games

Become a Changemaker

Innovate Today

Innovate today for a better tomorrow by inculcating the indispensable skills of the 21st century.


Logical Reasoning


Critical Thinking



Innovate The World

Innovate the world with the best-in-class STEM education resources under one roof!

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Smart Factory Challenges Video

A Robotics Engineer, who is responsible for the design and creation of robots.

Court Bot Competition

Soccer Competition

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